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Net Neutrality Applies to Cell Phone Networks by Alan Hearty

Image of Network Servers

In February, the FCC enacted new rules governing network neutrality that could have a profound influence on the telecommunications industry. The FCC’s new rules will extend its current purview and will encompass cell networks in addition to fixed broadband networks. While the FCC had previously attempted to regulate wireless service providers such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, its efforts were ultimately struck down by the courts and the FCC has begun a new initiative in regulating cell networks. While there are certainly compelling arguments on both sides of the debate, the following article highlights a few of the more persuasive ones against regulating cell networks such as, how the new rules would hinder innovation in the wireless market, and the unique traffic and distribution of bandwidth issues inherent to cell networks justifying their separate treatment. Read more for a more in-depth discussion of the arguments against the FCC’s new rules.

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