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Telecoms File Lawsuit Challenging Net Neutrality Rules by Alan Hearty

The Federal Register officially published the FCC’s new rules governing net neutrality on Monday, April 13, 2015, and the new rules will take effect 60 days following the date of publication. As anticipated, AT&T and the wireless and cable industry...

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Net Neutrality Applies to Cell Phone Networks by Alan Hearty

In February, the FCC enacted new rules governing network neutrality that could have a profound influence on the telecommunications industry. The FCC’s new rules will extend its current purview and will encompass cell networks in addition to fixed...

Regulations, Cellular Networks, Alan Hearty

Nokia SAC Wireless Acquisition Increases U.S. Business by Alan Hearty

Nokia has acquired indoor wireless specialist SAC Wireless to help boost its network deployment business and wireless network infrastructure in the U.S. SAC Wireless specializes in deploying small cells and using antenna systems to improve wireless...

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