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U.S. Supreme Court to Rule on Cell Tower Citing Issue by Alan Hearty

Image of Supreme Court building

The United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal of a case regarding how a city justifies its denial of a tower-setting permit.  More specifically, the Supreme Court will rule on the Eleventh Circuit’s holding that the city of Roswell, which had denied a tower placement, only had to notify the operator in writing of the denial and provide access to the administrative record of the decision, but it did not have to explain how the decision to deny the tower placement was made.

Courts across the United States are unsettled on this issue which uncertainty has created additional delays and expenses in connection with the deployment of upgrades to the nation’s wireless broadband facilities.  Stay tuned as we monitor the Court’s ruling which could help ease the way for telecom operators to site their towers and boost broadband services. Read more…

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