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Alan Hearty

Alan Hearty

Alan D. Hearty is a partner in our Century City office and leads the firm's Telecommunications Infrastructure Group. Alan's practice focuses on real estate litigation and complex commercial litigation. Alan is an internationally experienced trial attorney and has chaired many jury trials, court trials and arbitrations to verdict over the course of his career. His successes include winning a multi-million-dollar judgment for the largest commercial landlord in California following a five-week jury trial and winning a multi-million-dollar award for a software company following a protracted multi-party arbitration. Alan is one of the preeminent attorneys in Los Angeles involved with luxury residential development and represents real estate owners, developers and investors on various legal issues relating to projects in Malibu, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Bel-Air, Beverly Hills and DTLA, among other areas. Alan's client base is extensive and includes real estate companies based in North America, Asia and Europe. Alan's commercial litigation experience includes representing clients involved in the real estate, banking, entertainment, apparel and telecommunications industries. Alan is a contributor to the firm's California Wireless Law Blog and serves on the Education Committee of the California Wireless Association (CalWA). Alan was raised and educated in Ireland. He attended University College Dublin and graduated magna cum laude with a combined degree in business and law. He is licensed to practice law in California and New York. He maintains strong relationships with the Irish-American community throughout the United States and currently serves on the Los Angeles Regional Advisory Board of the American Ireland Fund. He has received multiple professional awards over the course of his career, including the prestigious 2010 Irish Legal 100 Award, which he received in person from the Irish Ambassador to the United States. In March 2016, Alan was officially honored by the City of Los Angeles in a special ceremony at City Hall for his efforts in promoting the Irish-American community in Southern California.

Recent Posts

Bay Area Residents Want More Wireless Towers by Alan Hearty

A 2014 Bay Area Council Poll found overwhelming support among residents for installation of new antennae, cell towers and fiber optic cables in their city. According to over 1,000 residents surveyed, a whopping 74 percent say it’s time to upgrade...

Cell Towers, Alan Hearty, Bay Area, San Francisco, wireless tower, SF Bay Area

U.S. Supreme Court to Rule on Cell Tower Citing Issue by Alan Hearty

The United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal of a case regarding how a city justifies its denial of a tower-setting permit. More specifically, the Supreme Court will rule on the Eleventh Circuit’s holding that the city of Roswell,...

California Wireless Law, Alan Hearty, cell tower, cell tower issues

Lights, Ballasts...Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Interference? by Alan Hearty

On February 7, the FCC cited a Los Angeles landlord for operating industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) equipment that is causing harmful interference at a downtown Los Angeles high rise. The offending ISM equipment involves two-lamp fluorescent...

California Wireless Law, Cell Towers, Alan Hearty, ISM

It’s Not Easy Being Green: Sprint to Use Green Technology by Alan Hearty

In what appears to be a continuing trend toward the implementation of green technology, Sprint has announced that it intends to replace its back-up generators with hydrogen fuel cells for cell sites located in large urban areas. The push toward...

California Wireless Law, Wireless Carriers, Fuel Cells, Alan Hearty, Green Earth Technologies, Green Technology

More Wireless Industry Consolidation: A Game-Changing Deal by Alan Hearty

Sprint moves one step closer towards its goal of acquiring T-Mobile as it receives proposals from two (2) banks to finance Sprint’s potential acquisition of T-Mobile. Expected to take anywhere from twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months, the deal still...

California Wireless Law, Wireless Carriers, Regulations, Alan Hearty, Wireless Industry News, Wireless Industry

San Marcos Tightens its Belt with New Cell Tower Ordinance by Alan Hearty

In response to complaints from its residents about unsightly “cell tower” farms, the San Marcos Planning Commission unanimously approved a proposed cell tower ordinance that would be among the strictest in San Diego County. The law would limit the...

California Wireless Law, Cell Towers, Alan Hearty, cell tower, Cell Tower Ordinance

Wireless Industry Responds to Wireless Infrastructure Rules by Alan Hearty

Last week, wireless industry providers along with several hundred others filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission in response to the agency’s PROPOSED RULES on wireless deployment and infrastructure siting. Two industry groups, PCIA...

California Wireless Law, Regulations, Alan Hearty, Wireless Deployment, Wireless Infrastructure

FCC's Notice on Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act  by Alan Hearty

Section 6409(a) of last year’s Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 prohibits state and local governments from denying any eligible facilities’ request for a modification of an existing ‘wireless tower or base station’ that does not...

California Wireless Law, Alan Hearty, Middle Class Tax Relief, Job Creation Act

FCC Offers Modest Reforms to Accelerate Broadband Buildout with Bigger Reforms Over-the-Horizon

On Friday, January 25, 2013, the FCC Chairman announced several “new and forthcoming” measures under the Commission’s existing Broadband Acceleration Initiative that seeks to speed broadband buildout by lifting barriers to accessing utility poles,...

California Wireless Law, Alan Hearty

Disaster Strikes: Examining Emergency Cell Phone Service by Alan Hearty

In a natural disaster or other emergency, one of the first things you’re likely to reach for is your cellphone. Landlines are disappearing. More than 30 percent of American households now rely exclusively on cellphones. This article examines the...

California Wireless Law, Alan Hearty, Cell Service, Emergency Cell Phone Service

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