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The American Tower REIT Conversion: Wireless Dominance? by Alan Hearty

After announcing that it will convert into a REIT, the price of American Tower’s shares are up 26% this trading year.  This new structure will provide American Tower with incredible tax benefits not shared by its competitors.  This article examines...

California Wireless Law, Alan Hearty, REIT, American tower

Prayers for Better Cell Phone Service May Soon be Answered by Alan Hearty

Could churches offer a solution for better cell service?  In the city of San Ramon, it appears to be the case as people demand better cell service without having to look at new towers.  “Church steeples make an excellent location for a cell site,”...

California Wireless Law, Alan Hearty, Cell Service

Hurricane Sandy Tests Resiliency of Wireless Networks by Alan Hearty

In light of the devastation Hurricane Sandy left behind, the FCC will conduct hearings to explore the resiliency of wireless networks (the FCC reported that about 25% of commercial cell sites in the area affected by Sandy were not operational during...

California Wireless Law, Alan Hearty, Hurricane Sandy, wireless networks, wireless resiliency

Fake Tree Cell Phone Plan Rejected for Lucas Valley by Alan Hearty

Lucas Valley’s plan to improve wireless reception was recently thwarted as county planners ruled out the fake tree antenna proposal and called for more studies of an alternative street light pole installation.

California Wireless Law, Alan Hearty, cell tower, Lucas Valley

Supreme Court to Hear Appeal on FCC's “Shot Clock Rule” by Alan Hearty

Recently, the United States Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal brought by cities and counties all over the country challenging an FCC “Shot Clock Rule,” an order declaring that a “reasonable period of time” for state and local governments to act...

California Wireless Law, Alan Hearty, Shot Clock Rule

FCC to Release 300MHz of Wireless Spectrum to Carriers by 2015 by Alan Hearty

The Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released detailed plans to free up more wireless spectrum that wireless carriers need to offer high speed mobile services.  In an global environment where consumer mobile data use will be...

California Wireless Law, Wireless Carriers, Alan Hearty, wireless spectrum

U.S. Supreme Court to Hear FCC Wireless Cell Tower Dispute by Alan Hearty

On Friday, October 5, 2012, the United States Supreme Court agreed to hear a case brought by cities and counties all over the country (Arlington, TX, et al. v. FCC, et al.) challenging the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) authority to...

California Wireless Law, Alan Hearty, wireless cell tower

Town Lacks Evidence to Deny Cell Tower Construction Process by Alan Hearty

Here’s an interesting article that provides a good (if brief) overview of Federal cell tower regulation under 47 U.S.C. § 332.   This article addresses the recent case of T-Mobile Central v. West Bloomfield Charter Township(Federal Sixth Circuit...

California Wireless Law, Alan Hearty, cell tower, cell tower construction

Update on FCC Deregulation Rule on Special Access Markets by Alan Hearty

There’s been an interesting update on the FCC’s dealings with special access markets.  “Special access” refers to high speed broadband connections linking commercial users (such as, for example, within an office building) to main telecommunications...

California Wireless Law, Alan Hearty, FCC Deregulation

Welcome to the California Wireless Law Blog

Welcome to the  California Wireless Law Blog!  Whether you’re just getting acquainted with the wireless real estate landscape, or you’re a veteran of countless telecommunication deals, this is the place for objective updates on some of the more...

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