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The United States Supreme Court to Rule on Cell Tower Citing Issue

The United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal of a case regarding how a city justifies its denial of a tower-setting permit.  More specifically, the Supreme Court will rule on the Eleventh Circuit’s holding that the city of Roswell,...

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Google to lease its balloon-based wireless network

As discussed in a previous entry (4/10/14), the goal of Google’s Project Loon is to cover the world with balloons that operate like floating cell towers to provide the world with Internet connectivity.  In a recent development, Google has announced...

California Wireless Law

Will Google’s presence trigger a market shift?

Wireless data traffic continues to grow at a rapid pace and there is no end in sight.  Indeed, the current numbers indicate that the number of mobile Internet users has surpassed desktop users as tablets erode the PC markets.  Currently, macro cell...

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Tomorrowland: AT&T Bringing Small Cells To Disney


The use of small cells – short range mobile cell sites used to complement larger macro cells, or cell towers – continues to grow.  Small cells allow mobile operators to add capacity and expand coverage in high-traffic areas, such as shopping...

Cell Towers, Cellular Networks, California Wireless Law

Lights, Ballasts…Interference???

On February 7, the FCC cited a Los Angeles landlord for operating industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) equipment that is causing harmful interference at a downtown Los Angeles high rise.  The offending ISM equipment  involves two-lamp...

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

In what appears to be a continuing trend toward the implementation of green technology, Sprint has announced that it intends to replace its back-up generators with hydrogen fuel cells for cell sites located in large urban areas.  The push toward...

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Further consolidation of the wireless industry: a potentially game changing deal

Sprint moves one step closer towards its goal of acquiring T-Mobile as it receives proposals from two (2) banks to finance Sprint’s potential acquisition of T-Mobile.  Expected to take anywhere from twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months, the deal...

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The race for faster coverage: AT&T closes the gap

Although AT&T lags behind Verizon in the total population with LTE coverage (AT&T’s network touches 270 million people compared to the 300 million people that Verizon touches), AT&T now matches Verizon footprint for 4G market coverage.  As the race...

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A California jurisdiction tightens its belt

In response to complaints from its residents about unsightly “cell tower” farms, the San Marcos Planning Commission unanimously approved a proposed cell tower ordinance that would be among the strictest in San Diego County.  The law would limit the...

California Wireless Law, Cell Towers

The Wireless Industry Has Spoken!

Last week, wireless industry providers along with several hundred others filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission in response to the agency’s PROPOSED RULES on wireless deployment and infrastructure siting.  Two industry groups,...

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Get the latest news and analysis about California Wireless law. Subscribe to our newsletter today!

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